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Experience a smooth transition from recovery to peak fitness at any age with Beyond the Gym. Our unique collaboration between expert personal trainers and physical therapists allows you to safely go beyond any challenge!

Go Beyond the Expected: Optimize Your Health with Personal Training in Tulsa Oklahoma

Personal Training Goals

Personal Training Goals

Are you ready to get in shape after 40? Interested in improving mobility and flexibility? Worried about how to prevent injury while working out? Looking to lose weight? Beyond the Gym can help you achieve these and many more goals!

Services We Offer

Services We Offer

From ageless health and mobility, sports therapy and athletic development, and recovery exercise through personal training to on-site physical therapy treatments from doctors of physical therapy, we offer the support you need to attain your health and fitness goals.

Personal Training Blog

Personal Training Blog

Not sure what the difference is between a physical therapist and a personal trainer? Looking for tips on how to start exercising without injuring yourself? Check out our blog articles for answers to these questions and many more.

What Members Say About Beyond the Gym

Meet the Beyond Dream Team: Beyond the Gym x Beyond Physical Therapy

Beyond the Gym offers a seamless transition from patient recovery to reaching a higher level of fitness at any age–all under the supervision of trusted physical therapists from two Beyond Physical Therapy clinics (Mid Tulsa and South). The Beyond Team works together to ensure gym members and clinic patients alike receive the best evidence-based care and training.

Meet the Beyond Dream Team: Beyond the Gym x Beyond Physical Therapy

Our Personal Trainers

Jamie Booker Personal Trainer Gym Manager

Jamie Booker

Personal Trainer and Gym Manager

Campion Krautter Personal Trainer Training to Become Physical Therapist

Campion Krautter

Personal Trainer and Physical-Therapist-in-Training

Gym Anxiety? Not Sure How to Start Working Out?

Overcome gym anxiety with beginner-friendly workouts in a private, no judgment gym. Our supportive personal trainers make it easy for gym members of all ages to start their health and fitness journeys by providing the accountability and expertise you need to succeed.

Why Choose Beyond the Gym?

No Gym Jerks Allowed

No Gym Jerks Allowed!

Avoid the disruptions of grunters and gym jerks. Our members are friendly but focused on their training, reducing rude distractions.

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Dream Team of Therapists & Trainers

Beyond the Gym makes going from recovery to rocking your fitness goals super smooth–all under the supervision of trusted physical therapists.

local Tulsa physical therapists own clinics

Owned by Local Therapists

The people making decisions for Beyond the Gym are the same Doctors of Physical Therapy and Personal Trainers providing your care.

Low Membership Model

Low Membership Model

Instead of a noisy, crowded gym, we cultivate a private space for members. Depending on the time of day, you may have our fully equipped gym to yourself!


Accountability & Expertise

Our training experts guide gym members on how to prevent, manage, and overcome injury, while keeping them on track through friendly accountability.

individualized treatment plans

Individualized Goal Planning

Our professional trainers develop a tailored plan to help members achieve their health and fitness goals safely while avoiding injury.


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